Tools that Enhance Organization, Self-Regulation & Social Compentency Executive Function Support Eye Box Visual Tools for All Ages & Abilities Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Visuals in the Workplace New! Eye Pics for Young Learners Universal Tools for Everyone - Eye Pics Set 1

Tools that Enhance Organization,
Self-Regulation & Social Competency

Supporting Individuals living with

Autism & Related Disorders
Executive Function Challenges (ADD/ADHD)
Generalized Anxiety & Related Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injuries or Dementia

Many individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders or those challenged by weak Executive Function skills benefit from additional support. Eye Box Tools provides a product line, professional training, coaching/consulting, and resourcing to address these needs.



Executive Function

Poorly Organized and Self-regulated?

Many individuals living with autism, ADD/ADHD and related anxiety disorders benefit from additional supports with abstract thinking, planning and task completion, prioritizing and note-taking.These same individuals often struggle with self-regulation, impulsivity, and self-monitoring.

This set of skills is referred to as our body's Executive Funtion system. Eye Box Tools provides training, consultation and tools to assist individuals and their support team in growing this system to maturity, better insuring success in school, at home and on the job.




Eye Box Products for All Ages & Abilities

Scheduling tools instruct and sequence the day, making life more predictable minimizing anxiety and providing control.

Visual and Communication rings prompt and enhance expressive language and give directions visually, reducing the need for verbal demands.

Task Organizers, like "Getting Dressed," break activities into specific tasks that build to a whole, nurturing independence, self-confidence and error-free learning.

Story Boards, like "Washing Hands," offer concrete information by describing a task or event, offering social perspective, and providing visual direction for the user. These teaching scripts and accompanying prompting tools provide tangible repetition and strategies for challenging situations.

Choice Boards visually offer acceptable choices, nurtures self-initiation for recreation or independent play, and restricts rigid patterns of free time use by promoting a variety of options.


Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many individuals living with autism and other related neurodevelopmental disorders learn, structure their lives, and even in some cases, communicate most effectively through visual channels.

Visual supports are one of many tools that support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Visuals provide support and increase an understanding of language. They provide structure that makes life more predictable by remaining static or fixed thereby mitigating anxiety and frustration. They also define and organize the environment and surrounding expectations.

Individuals with ASD & Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Visuals in the Workplace

As the US workforce becomes more diverse, visual tools and strategies address the need for global communication systems and task management. Visual signs, labels, floor marking, task organizers, and communication boards allow access to employment for individuals despite their  challenges.

Eye Box Tools provides consultation services that create and customize worksite visuals to maximize an individual's visual learning style and promote success in the work environment.



New! Eye Pics for Young Learners

This new set of visual tools was designed for preschool programs and child care providers to enhance communication skills, provide predictable routines to ease anxiety, and to break activities down into manageable tasks so all children can successfully participate and learn.

Eye Box Tools also provides training and consultations to early childhood providers to help create, implement and trouble sheet these valuable tools.


Even thought these tools were designed for preschool programs and child care providers, they are also great for home and community settings as well.




Universal Tools for Everyone - Eye Pics Set 1

These visual tools feature a variety of school age through adult characters that are respectful of mature learners.

Illustrated by a professional artist, these colorful pics include everything from getting dressed to feeding the dog, going to the bank or grocery store or attending a weekly yoga class.

Eye Pics Set I can be used in daily schedules, tasks and chores, enhancing communication, and managing weekly routines and events.  

These tools extend the critical use of visual tools across the lifespan and are universally supportive for all ages.



Visual Tools


Jody Van Ness, M.Ed.
Educational Consultant
with Autism Certification


"Jody has provided an invaluable service to all educators through her instruction in the use of visual communication supports for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Her infinitely creative ideas are tribute to the fact that visual supports CAN and Do work. Their uses extend far beyond traditional picture schedules, picture exchange systems, or social stories. Jody presents her materials and products in such a way that fosters confidence and excitement in using visual materials with students. Her quality products are creative, practical and successful for students anywhere on the spectrum."

Renee Kohler, Autism Consultant
Rochester, Minnesota Public Schools